What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidoil. Unlike THC, CBD is NOT a psychoactive drug. CBD will not cause a "high" feeling or any mental or physical impairment. CBD helps with health conditions including chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and sleep disorders. CBD is safe for human and pet consumption.


What is the difference between CBD and marijuana?

There are two main ingredients in cannabis (marijuana). The first is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and this ingredient can be toxic to pets when ingested. 

The second ingredient is CBD. CBD stands for cannbidoil and is the second active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). Therefore, CBD is NOT marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive for pets (or for humans) and will not cause a “high”. CBD by itself does not have any effects of dependence potential. There is no evidence of public health related problems associated with CBD.


What are the benefits of giving my dog CBD?

Daily CBD use can ease several conditions such as anxiety (including separation anxiety), stress (including from loud noises such as fireworks), moderate to severe pain, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, digestion problems, nausea, symptoms from cancer, seizures, various skin conditions, and sleeplessness.



What is "nanotechnology" CBD?

Imagine CBD particles as small rocks trying to go through a strainer.  The majority of the rocks will be too large to make it through the strainer and are left unused and wasted. This is how the body tries to absorb regular CBD particles. With nanotechnology, picture the CBD particles as sand going through a strainer. Nano CBD is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, increasing the bioavailability.

This means the CBD in our treats work faster and wastes less, meaning you don’t need to use as many treats as other brands.

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How does nanotechnology improve the quality of Baked in Colorado products?

All Baked in Colorado products are made with nanotechnology CBD. In traditional CBD products you can expect about 90% of the particles to be unused. This is because CBD particles naturally measure at around 2,000 nanometers. Yet our cells are only able to fully absorb particles that are between 60 and 80 nanometers.

What nanotechnology does is it breaks those pebbles down into grains of sand so that they slide through the holes in the sieve with ease, leaving little or no pebbles behind. Rather than wasting most of the CBD particles, they are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. These tiny particles are able to get to parts of the body that they were not able as large particles—increasing the bioavailability of the CBD and possibly magnifying the benefits ten-fold.

Utilizing Nano CBD can increase your bodies absorption rate by up to 10x.


Are CBD pet products new?  

CBD is a new but growing industry.

In a report from Nielsen from February 2020, it is revealed that almost ¾ of current CBD users are also pet owners. Almost ¼ of US pet owners already use CBD for themselves, their pets, or both.


What makes Baked in Colorado products different than other similar pet CBD products?

All Baked in Colorado products use nanotechnology to enhance their products. Nanotechnology has a higher bioavailability and can increase absorption in your dog by up to 10x compared to regular CBD.

Nanotechnology provides a stronger and quicker effect than traditional products. Nanotechnology in the beverage enhancers is crucial because as we know, oil is not soluble in water.

 Nanotechnology makes CBD water-soluble, which 1) allows the body to absorb CBD particles better and 2) allows the CBD to mix with water or wet food for your dog, without leaving a funny taste.


How much CBD should I be giving my dog?

A good general rule is to start with 1-2 mg for every 10 pounds of weight. For example, if your dog is 30 pounds, it is recommended you should start with 3-6mg per day of CBD.

Below is a chart of recommended CBD dosage for dogs:

CBD Dosage recommendations for dogs



How do I measure the amount of CBD in the dropper of the beverage enhancer?

Each 2oz bottle has about 1200 drops in it. So if you ordered the 750mg bottle, there would be about 0.625 mg of CBD per drop. If you ordered the 250mg bottle, there would be about .2 mg of CBD per drop.




 Are there any side effects of CBD in dogs?

There are very few downsides to giving your dog CBD. Depending on the dosage given, some side effects can include: nausea, change in appetite, vomiting, or dry mouth. 



Are the CBD treats and beverage enhancers safe to give my cat?

Yes! We recommend breaking up the treats before giving to your cat. The beverage enhancers mix great into your cat's water dish or wet food. But as always, we recommend you consult your vet before introducing anything new into your cat's routine!